High School Equivalency


High school equivalency testing provides adults with the opportunity to earn the Nevada Certificate of High School Equivalency. The certificate is widely recognized as the equivalent of a high school diploma. Nevada test-takers may choose from two approved HSE exams, the GED®, or the HiSET® to validate their academic skills and knowledge. The HSE exams are administered at test sites located throughout the state.

    Study for the HSE Tests

    Most of the Adult Literacy and Language programs in Nevada offer HSE preparation opportunities such as classes, boot camps, and tutoring.

    Where to Take the HSE Tests

    High School Equivalency tests are only available at authorized HSE Testing Centers. The tests must be taken in person and are never offered on the internet. Each testing center determines which of the authorized exams to offer and sets its own schedule, requirements, and fees.
    Contact the HSE Testing Center in your area for more information.

    Get a Copy of Your Transcript

    Request a copy of your Nevada HSE Transcript from DiplomaSender at http://www.diplomasender.com.
    DiplomaSender provides transcripts for all high school equivalency tests in administered in Nevada, including GED®, HiSET®, and TASC®.