In 2012, Nevada State Board of Education adopted the History and Contemporary Lifestyles of the Northern Paiute, Southern Paiute, Washoe and Western Shoshone Curriculum Guide. The groundwork was begun with dedicated individuals who recognized the unique educational needs of American Indian students in Nevada. In 2021, the Native American Curriculum Enhancement Project (NACEP) was approved to shape a culturally responsive system for educators to have relevant and accurate content material related to the experience of Native American Indians in Nevada. The project will create visually appealing template for existing lessons, add additional lessons, create new lessons, provide training and implementation, and evaluation and assessment. Educators will have the effectiveness of training and use of materials. Please check back for updates.

Lesson Plans

Through the NAECP, the following lesson plans are being updated and will be available at a later date. Additional lessons are being created as well.

Lesson Plan Writing Retreat is offered in the summer. If you are interested in providing a lesson contact the NDE EPP for Indian Education at (775) 687-9143 or