Kimberly Aguilar success story on earning the College & Career Ready Diploma on KTVN June 11, 2018. Click the link below to watch.

Building Skills for the New Nevada

By 2020, 64 percent of jobs in Nevada will require a degree, training or certification beyond high school, yet only half will need a four-year college degree. Many of these career opportunities, whether managerial in nature and/or in the fields of engineering, social science and health care, will call for specialized training not only found at a four-year degree program.

The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) is ensuring that students secure these skills in K-12 education through expanding Career & Technical Education programs, offering a new Career & College Ready Diploma, adopting the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate, and developing new work-based learning programs, among other measures.

Collectively known as LifeWorks, these initiatives offer career pathways in high school so students can earn industry-recognized credentials and gain the technical and professional skills they need to excel in their career before and after graduation.

The creation of career pathways is focused on the strategic goals of NDE:
The Nevada Department of Education makes investments in building the capacity of current and future school leaders while supporting and assisting school districts, charter schools and early childhood programs to improve outcomes for all students throughout Nevada.

NDE also strives to improve learning conditions for all students, to drive innovation and change in low-performing schools, to recruit and retain effective educators and to engage parents, families and communities in every facet of the education of Nevada’s students.

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