Students & Parents


As the professional landscape in the state of Nevada has changed drastically, so have the opportunities and pathways for students to embark on their careers after graduating from high school. Whether you are interested in a four-year college experience, graduating with an industry-recognized certificate or getting a headstart on additional training programs, there are several options to help get you there, including the following:

  • College and Career Ready Diploma
  • ACT National Career Readiness Certificate Test
  • Work-based Learning Programs
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Career and Technical Education Programs

Talk to your counselor today for more information about which of these options is best for you and your future.

Gone are the days of parents looking at four-year degrees as the only way to prepare their children for successful careers. With LifeWorks, every child in Nevada now has access to high-quality education and quality career pathways. Here are some of the ways that students can prepare for their futures through LifeWorks’ many initiatives:

  • Learn real-world skills
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials 
  • Earn college credits 
  • Participate in new and expanding work-based learning programs 

Many incoming Nevada jobs require specialized technical training that may not be found at a four-year degree program. Securing these skills early on may positively impact Nevada students’ lifelong socioeconomic outcomes.