Nevada Reading Week- Inspiring and instilling the joy and importance of reading across Nevada.


For more than forty years Nevada Reading Week has been celebrated across the entire state - from small rural communities to larger urban areas. Activities often include book studies, author studies, literary readings by renowned authors, book fairs, and family literacy events. The stewards of Nevada Reading Week include PK-12 school librarians, educators, the Nevada Department of Education, the Nevada State Library, public libraries, community leaders, students and their families.

Each school year begins with the selection of a specific theme that often reflects the spirit of the times. Once the theme is announced, it serves as a vehicle for leading a year-long campaign that culminates in the final celebration during the first week of March.

Nevada Reading Week serves to promote a life-long love of reading. From students in Pre-Kindergarten listening attentively on a circle rug to their teacher’s riveting read-aloud to high school seniors engaging in rigorous discussions about a novel, the joy of reading is evident.

Literacy experts of the Nevada Department of Education are thrilled to facilitate the work of Nevada Reading Week in partnership with a very talented group of librarians, educators, and community members who serve on the Nevada Reading Week Committee.

Nevada Reading Week 2023 Theme: One World, Many Stories 

Professional Learning   

    International Literacy Association: Children’s Rights To Read 

    This one-page proclamation is a list of ten children’s rights to read across the world. Written by literacy experts of the International Literacy Association, this document has served to guide many local, national, and statewide efforts to frame reading as an equity and social justice issue. The Children’s Rights to Read campaign focuses on activating educators and literacy partners to join ILA in their efforts to raise awareness of the 10 rights and see them realized for every student. 

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      Contact: Darl Kiernan. Ph.D.
      Anna Brueher
      Amy Hybarger
      Beate Weinert
      Christine Garvin
      Deborah Apel
      Ellen Fockler
      Holly Esposito
      Kim Cuevas
      Jill Savage

      Lin Steele
      Mandy Leytham
      Mychelle Weart
      Robert Jones

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