Resources for Learning During School Closures


In response to school closures due to COVID-19, Nevada Department of Education content experts have curated a selection of links to external organizations providing high-quality online educational materials – courses, lessons, videos, physical and outdoor activity suggestions, etc. Please note that in many cases, these resources are free to use online but are not openly licensed for wide scale reuse and adaptation. These resource suggestions fit into the larger framework below that should guide district strategies as we sort through his unprecedented situation together.

These resources were carefully chosen for their alignment to Nevada Academic Content Standards and/or direct experience with effective implementation with students. Particular attention has been given to identifying best practices and guidance in supporting ALL students and providing suggestions for educator professional learning during this challenging time. Please remember grade bands are suggestions, you may find useful resources in other sections, and these resources support independent student learning.

Many educational companies are providing limited-time free or low-cost access to educational programming. Educators should be mindful of the following:

  • Digital resources that require teachers or students to create online accounts (whether verified through email or not)
  • Digital resources that have copyright restrictions (many of these may also require account creation)
  • Digital resources being shared by companies that have temporarily opened their paid for resources to use for free for a limited time (some but not all of these can also require account creation)
  • Follow all district, state, and FERPA policies regarding the privacy of our students.
  • Review all content prior to giving students assignments to ensure it is appropriate for your students.

Virtual Resources