Nevada Seal Programs


The Nevada State Seals recognize public high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in multilingualism, civics, financial literacy, multilingualism STEAM, and STEM "Participating school districts with students eligible to receive a Seal, shall place a notation on a student's high school diploma and high school transcript indicating that the student has earned the seal."

    Seal of Biliteracy Information and Criteria

    • GPA: 2.00 (4.0 scale) ​
    • Demonstrate Proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening on approved assessment​.
    • Course Requirements:  ​English Language Arts - 4 credits​.
    • Applies to seniors who took and passed an AP and/or IB exams during their 10th or 11th grade year.

      Seal of Civic Information and Criteria

      • GPA: 3.25 (4.0 scale) or 3.85 weighted​
      • Demonstrate Proficiency:​ Earn a score of 90% on Civics Exam  ​AND satisfactory score on citizenship​ rubric.
      • Application:​ Complete a service-learning project​
      • Course Requirements:  ​Social Studies - 3 Credits​
        • Including civics, criminal justice, contemporary problems, economics, financial literacy, geography, macroeconomics, microeconomics, US government, US history, and world history
      • Can retake the civic exam one time only.

        Seal of Financial Literacy Information and Criteria

        • GPA: 3.25 (4.0 scale) or 3.85 weighted​​
        • Demonstrate Proficiency - Meet one of the following​:
          • Earn a score of 85% on a Financial Literacy Assessment provided by the Nevada Department of Education ​
          • A grade of B or higher in a college level or dual credit course in financial literacy​
          • A score of gold or higher on the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate ​
            • Course Requirements:  ​Social Studies - 3 Credits​
          • Including algebra with personal finance, economics, financial literacy, life skills with financial literacy, macroeconomics, microeconomics, US Government, US History, World History
        • Can retake the NDE Financial Literacy Assessment one time only.
        • NDE Financial Literacy Assessment Open Window: March 15 - April 15.
        • School Counselor or District must register student for NDE Financial Literacy Assessment.

          Seal of STEAM Information and Criteria

          • GPA: 3.25 (4.0 scale) or 3.85 weighted​
          • Course Requirements:
            • Science - 3 credits​
            • Mathematics - 4 credits​
            • Fine Arts - 1 credit​
            • 1 credit - computer science, engineering, manufacturing, electronics, or CTE program of study in information & media technologies or skilled & technical sciences​
          • Meet any ONE of the following:
            • Score 3 or higher on AP Exam in science OR math​
            • Score 4 or higher on IB Exam in science OR math​
            • SAT Score: 650 or higher in science OR 530 or higher in math​
            • ACT Score:  23 or higher in science OR 22 or higher in math​
            • Grade of B or higher in college-level science OR mathematics course (dual enrollment)​
            • Gold or higher on ACT National Career Readiness Certificate​


            • black and white seal state of nevada with battleborn and biliteracy in middle below department of educationState of Nevada Biliteracy Seal Department of Education
            • State of Nevada Civics Seal - Will be released in April 2023
            • State of Nevada Financial Literacy
            • State of Nevada STEAM Seal
            • State of Nevada STEM Seal


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