Carson City, NV - October 01, 2020

Today, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) and Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation & Technology (OSIT) announced that 18,064 T-Mobile wireless hotspots with free high-speed data were distributed to schools through T-Mobile’s “Project 10Million.” These hotspots are helping Nevada close the digital divide by providing connectivity options that enable the State’s most vulnerable students to engage in digital learning.

“COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to our education system, but it has also provided us with an opportunity to address long-standing inequities that were creating unacceptable barriers to learning,” said Jhone Ebert, State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “As schools across the nation provide virtual learning options, there is not a single state that can say every student is connected to the internet. These hotspots are taking Nevada one step closer to being the first state to ensure that all students can participate in distance learning, regardless of their zip code.”

Nevada’s participation in “Project 10Million” was made possible through a settlement announced previously by Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford. T-Mobile provided the hotspots to the State at no cost for distribution to districts. NDE and OSIT worked with T-Mobile throughout the summer to allocate the hotspots to districts with the highest need. Need was determined based on the number of students who would be relying on internet access for learning this fall and was cross-referenced with T-Mobile network coverage maps to ensure the hotspots would be viable. The hotspots were allocated as follows:
    • Clark County School District - 12,000
    • Washoe County School District - 3,000
    • Lyon County School District - 1,000
    • State Public Charter School Authority - 1,000
    • Humboldt County School District - 564
    • Carson City School District - 500

“Now more than ever, education technology and internet connectivity are essential to providing an equitable education to our students,” said OSIT Director Brian Mitchell. “These new wireless hotspots are bringing much-needed high-speed internet service to previously underserved families, just in time for the new school year. I want to thank T-Mobile for their partnership in helping ensure all of Nevada’s students are connected and ready for learning.”

“I’m proud that my office’s settlement with T-Mobile resulted in critical resources for our students at a time when they are needed the most,” said Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford. “Thousands of local students don’t have Internet access in their homes, and I’m thrilled that we’re able to bridge this gap for many young Nevadans in need.”

Through Project 10Million, T-Mobile is addressing the persistent homework gap experienced by more than 9 million children across the country who are unable to get online to complete at-home assignments. T-Mobile has committed $10.7 billion to Project 10Million, which offers free wireless hotspots with up to 100GB per year of free high-speed data at no cost to students.

The T-Mobile hotspots are part of a broad, cross-sector commitment to bridging the digital divide for Nevada’s students and families under the banner of ConnectingKidsNV. Students and educators in need of devices or internet service are encouraged to visit the ConnectingKidsNV website or to call the Family Support Center at 1-888-616-2476 for assistance.

More information on the Nevada Attorney General’s agreement with T-Mobile can be found here. For instructional materials and professional learning to support digital learning, visit the Nevada Digital Learning Collaborative website.

For more information about Project 10Million, or to sign up a school district for the program, go to



Terri Hendry