Victory Schools


The Victory Schools grant program (2015 – 2021) was a Nevada state education initiative that focused on increasing the student achievement levels at the 35 lowest performing schools (1 and 2 stars) in the highest poverty zip codes in Nevada. Victory Schools were first identified during the 2015 Nevada legislative session and remained the same, with no new schools added during the length of the grant (2015 - 2021). Victory Schools were awarded approximately $50 million during each biennium ($25 million per year). The amount distributed per pupil was determined by dividing the amount of money appropriated by the total number of pupils who are enrolled in Victory Schools statewide. The Victory Schools initiative promoted both academic and social/emotional well-being of students, families and communities enrolled in the Victory Schools. These schools received funding to provide equitable programs, wrap-around services, and high-quality curriculum and instruction opportunities focused on improving student achievement outcomes. The initiative specifically targeted three goals for students:
(a) Read at or above the level of the average pupil in third grade before the pupil completes third grade;
(b) Be prepared to engage in a rigorous high school curriculum upon completion of eighth grade; and
(c) Graduate from high school with the skills and attributes necessary to immediately succeed in college or a career (SB 432.Section 1.3).

The 2021 legislative session resulted in Nevada implementing a new pupil-centered funding formula to being in fiscal year (FY) 2022, or the 2021 - 22 school year. The funding that was provided for the Victory Schools grant program, was applied to the at-risk student weights for the new pupil-centered funding formula. The Victory Schools grant program, did sunset on June 30, 2021.

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