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    Teacher Pathways Task Force


    The NSHE Teacher Pathways Task Force (TPTF) was formed in partnership between the Nevada System of Higher Education and the Nevada Department of Education to expand the number and diversity of licensure-ready teachers that complete NSHE's teacher preparatory programs annually. Originally known as the "Teacher Pipeline Task Force," the Members voted to change its name to be more representative of the many paths that individuals may take to become licensed educators. The TPTF is an ad hoc advisory group and is not subject to open meeting law.

    The Task Force is comprised of representatives from NSHE's four- and two-year institutions, representatives from the Nevada Department of Education, a rural school district superintendent, and the chief human resources officers from Nevada's two largest school districts (Clark and Washoe).

    The TPTF held its first meeting in April 2021 and has collected two types of data to inform its work:

    • Each NSHE institution conducted a self-assessment of its educator recruitment and retention activities across multiple focus areas, including recruiting students, educator preparation program admissions, praxis core and content exams and related supports, retention and on-time completion, alternative/non-traditional supports, and alumni engagement.
    • NSHE institutions provided data regarding recent graduates and current enrollment to support projections related to the educator workforce.

    In addition, members of the TPTF consistently share best practices and collaborate to address problems of practice at their local institutions and across the system.


      The TPTF is charged with increasing the number and diversity of licensure-ready candidates graduating from NSHE educator preparation programs. Its charge includes:

      • Scaling up and replicating current teacher pipeline initiatives that have proven to be successful across NSHE institutions 
      • Identifying and preparing to implement solutions to barriers to locally growing and retaining Nevada's diverse teacher workforce 
      • Making recommendations to the NSHE Chancellor and Superintendent of Public Instruction for improvement regarding current State policy and practices that govern teacher preparation, licensure, and retention
      • Exploring the role of educator preparation programs in supporting districts' and schools' short- and long-term teacher retention efforts