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    Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) Candidate Information

    Prospective ARL Candidates

    The relevant sections in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) specifying the requirements to hold these license types are below:

    Please note, certain Regulations governing Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) Licenses have recently been amended, see below for important information pertaining to these license types:

    Per NAC 391.461, ARL programs must be approved by the Commission on Professional Standards and per NAC 391.057, the minimum requirements for ARL/conditional licensure are:

    • Currently accepted by a qualified provider for enrollment in a program for an alternative route to licensure and comply with the instructional policies, training policies, and procedures of the provider
    • Hold a bachelor’s degree (or above) from a postsecondary institution that is regionally accredited 
    • Pass the competency tests in basic reading, writing, and mathematics (Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators) exam, or be eligible for an exemption per NAC 391.036 (Section 3). 
    • Hold a major or minor in the desired area of licensure or pass the corresponding Praxis II Subject Area Assessment approved by the Commission (for all secondary/high school grades 7-12 subject areas and K-12 music, art, or physical education) 

    Please visit the Competency Testing Site from ETS for more information on required testing:

    Current list of Approved ARL Providers:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I apply for a reciprocal ARL license and endorsements?
    A: The NDE does NOT reciprocate ARL licenses from other US States, US territories, or countries.

    Q: How do I apply for a license?
    A: You must create an OPAL account and submit your electronic application and supporting documentation online to our office.

    Q: What testing do I have to take for an ARL license?
    A: For specific tests, please visit Praxis testing links above. If you are applying for a Secondary/High School license, you will need to take the content area testing and Praxis Core testing before you are eligible for an ARL license. You will then need to take the Principles of Learning and Teaching test within three (3) years of obtaining your ARL license. All other ARL licenses require Praxis Core beforehand, but Subject Area testing may be taken during the course of the ARL license.

    Q: What is the specific coursework I have to take to complete my ARL license?
    A: You must speak with your ARL provider to find what specific coursework you are required to take to complete their program.

    Q: What is the cost to convert my license?
    A: The current cost is $180 for the license plus $50 for each additional endorsement.

    Q: Do I have to get fingerprinted again when I convert my ARL license to a standard license?
    A: Absolutely. The NDE requires fingerprinting to do background checks whenever someone is applying for a new license, renewal, or conversion of an ARL license.

    Q: How do I convert my ARL license to a standard license?
    A: Please visit the ARL Conversion area of our website, the link is below.