Nevada Department of EducationNevada Department of Education

    General License Requirements and Fees

    Nevada issues the following types of educator licenses:

    • Non-Renewable/Provisional – A non-renewable/provisional license is valid for three (3) years and issued to an educator who has certain deficiencies in coursework, or testing but is otherwise qualified for licensure in Nevada. The deficiencies will appear as provisions on the license, which must be satisfied prior to the expiration date in order to upgrade the license to a standard or professional license.
    • Standard – A standard license may be issued to an educator who has met all requirements for licensure in Nevada and does not hold a graduate degree. It is valid for five (5) years.
    • Professional – A professional license may be issued to an educator who has earned a master’s or more advanced degree or has earned National Board Certification, has at least three years of verifiable full-time teaching experience, and has met all other requirements for licensure. A professional license is valid for six (6) years with a master’s degree, eight years (8) with an Education Specialist degree, or up to ten years (10) with a doctorate.
      • Licenses for those that hold National Board Certification are good for the validity of the time on the Certificate itself.
    • Retiree – An educator who has retired with at least 15 years of service in Nevada public, charter or private schools may be issued a retiree license. A retiree license is valid for ten (10) years. Documentation showing the 15 years of service is required at the time of application for this type of licensure.

      General License Requirements

      Please read the following document for a list of our general license requirements. These are in addition to the requirements for each specific area of licensure. Links to the requirements for each specific area of licensure can be found on the main Educator Licensure page.

      Nonrefundable fees for licensure

      • $180.00 – New Applications (or reapplying of previous/expired licenses).
      • $150.00 – Renewals of current licenses and can be done up to nine (9) months prior to the expiration of the current license.
      • $50.00 – Additional Endorsements for each endorsement added to the base license.
      • $30.00 – Extensions on current licenses are available one (1) time per licensure period for an automatic six (6) months. The fee will be due at the time of renewal. The extension can be added on through your OPAL profile no more than six (6) months prior to expiration of your current license.

      Per NAC 391.045, ALL licensing fees are nonrefundable, once you have paid through OPAL you are not entitled to any refunds

        Discounts Available

        • $50.00 – There is a military discount for all Active Duty, Retired, Veterans, and their spouses for New Applications (or reapplying of expired licenses) and Renewals of licenses. The Additional Endorsements are not eligible for this discount. Proper documentation is required to be eligible for this discount, which includes either a Military ID or DD214 form to be uploaded to the OPAL application at the time of initial licensure or renewal.
          • If your spouse is/was the person in the military, then we also require a copy of your marriage certificate to verify this.