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    Multicultural Approved Coursework


    Pursuant to NRS 391.0347 and Regulation 130-18 effective July 2019, initial licensees require at least 3 semester or 45 in-service hours of coursework in Multicultural Education that includes the goals and elements of Regulation 130-18. This coursework must be taken after the initial license is issued and before renewal of a license.

    Only these courses will be accepted for removal of the Multicultural Education license renewal requirement as indicated on the Multicultural Course Matrix.

    Providers who wish to offer a Multicultural course for the licensure renewal requirement, should contact:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does the NDE accept any other coursework in lieu of the courses mentioned on the matrix?
    A: No, the courses approved on the matrix have been vetted by NDE staff to comply with Nevada statutory requirements. Any other course taken from any other provider will not be accepted for this licensure renewal requirement.

    Q: How long do I have to take this course after I receive my initial license?
    A: You must complete the course before your next license renewal.


    Q: What if I already took an approved course prior to my initial license?
    A: You will need to take it again or take another approved course as the regulation states the course must be taken after the initial license was issued and before renewal of a license.