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    Official Transcripts for License Renewal

    The Nevada Department of Education requires all educators who are renewing their licenses to provide our office proof of professional development activity. Official college/university or district transcripts are acceptable proof of ongoing professional development.

      Official College/University Transcripts

      To be considered “official transcripts” they must be issued by an accredited college or university and bear the college or university seal. You may mail them to our office at the address below, or have them emailed by the issuing institution.

      • A list of accredited institutions in the United States is available on the U.S. Department of Education website.
      • If mailed, transcripts do not need to be in a sealed envelope.
      • Electronic transcripts will be accepted only if they are transmitted directly to the Department of Education from an accredited college or university if the institution is its own clearinghouse, or a recognized clearinghouse such as e-Script. All electronic transcripts should be emailed to:
        • Do NOT attempt to upload transcripts yourself. We will reject them.
      • If the transcripts you have are under previous or different name(s), please also submit a copy of your marriage certificate(s), divorce decree(s), or other relevant court documentation proving the legal name change(s). You may upload this PDF document at the same time and in the same place where you upload the PDF copy of your Driver's license on your OPAL application, or you may send a PDF copy to our main email address: 
        • Failure to do this may result in delays of your application up to and including reapplication for licensure and repayment of the associated fees.

      Official paper transcripts should be mailed to this address:
      • Nevada Department of Education
        Office of Educator Licensure
        2080 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 210,
        Las Vegas, NV 89119

        Official District Transcripts

        You may upload official district transcripts of professional development activities directly into your OPAL account under the professional development tab, or mail them to our office at the address above.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q: Why can I not upload my college/university transcripts myself through OPAL?
          A: In order to follow Regulations and maintain the integrity of the documents, we must make sure that transcripts are official; they must be uploaded by our office staff. This means that we must have either original paper copies or have had the college/university/clearing house send the transcripts directly to our office via e-Script.