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    License Provisions and Removals

    The Superintendent of Public Instruction may issue a provisional/nonrenewable license to an applicant applying for a license pursuant to NAC 391.045 if the applicant otherwise meets the requirements for a license pursuant to NAC 391.045, but:

    • Has a deficiency in credits of 6 semester hours or less for all areas of licensure or endorsement, unless the provision is for an endorsement as a substitute teacher;

    • Has not completed the courses or passed the examination required by NAC 391.030 and is not exempt from the requirements of that section;

    • That the applicant has completed a school counseling practicum or internship if he or she is applying for a school counseling endorsement, but:

      • Has completed all necessary course-work requirements for the school counseling endorsement;

      •  Has completed 200 hours of the practicum or internship through a regionally accredited college or university, including, without limitation, a minimum of 100 hours in a school setting at the time of his or her application for licensure; and

      • Is currently and continuously enrolled in a regionally accredited college or university school counseling practicum or internship program;
    • Has not passed the tests required by NAC 391.036 and is not exempt from taking such tests; or

    • Has not completed the course required by paragraph (b) of subsection 1 of NAC 391.045.

    The holder of a license issued pursuant may add endorsements with provisions to the license during the first year in which the license is valid. Endorsements without provisions may be added to the license at any time during the period in which the license is valid. If an endorsement is added to the license, the endorsement does not affect the date on which the license becomes invalid.

    The relevant sections in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) specifying the requirements for provisions are below:

    Pursuant to NAC 391.056, an applicant for initial licensure who has not completed all required competency testing may be issued a non-renewable/provisional license which is valid for three (3) years in order to complete the necessary tests.


      • Log into your OPAL account (create a profile if you have not already done so).

      • Once you have logged into your OPAL Dashboard look to the right under the “online services” section and select the option to remove provisions from your license or endorsement.

      • You will be taken to another screen which will allow you to select which provision(s) you wish our office to remove and then you may upload certain PDF documents of items such as test score reports.

        • PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT upload transcripts on your own to remove coursework provisions. You must provide original official transcripts to the NDE by way of original paper transcripts or have your college/university/clearinghouse submit via e-Script on your behalf to:
      • Once you have selected to remove the provision(s) from your license or endorsement(s) areas, our staff will see it in the system and contact you if we have any questions or need additional documentation.

        • In the peak times of the year it can take several weeks to have provisions removed from licenses, please plan accordingly. 


        Q: What about my Evidence of Immigration Status provision?
        A: This provision can only be removed if proof of US citizenship is received. If you have updated your immigration status expiration date, the provision will be updated to match the expiration date on the valid immigration status document provided.

        Q: What does it mean to be in Compliance with NRS 391.060?
        A: This provision is placed on licensees who have an “employment-only” immigration status. If you have updated the expiration date on your employment-only immigration documents, the provision will be updated to match the exact expiration date on the valid immigration status document provided to our office.

        Q: Is there a time frame set for when tests are taken and passed to remove my testing provisions?
        A: All test must have been taken within five (5) years prior to application for licensure, this includes out-of-state tests. See Competency Testing Requirements page for more information.