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    2019-2020 Legislative Updates

    2019 K12 Education Department Bill Drafts

      SB41: Teacher Licensure (Passed)

      Revises provisions related to the Commission on Professional Standards in Education; eliminating the special qualifications teaching license; revising provisions related to granting teaching licenses, the applications for a teaching license, background checks related to licensure, and other related provisions related to educator licensure.

      SB84: Statewide Pre-K (Passed) 

      Establishing a program to award grants to support prekindergarten programs.

      SB89: School Safety (Passed) 

      School safety omnibus with requirements including nonbinding recommended ratios for specialized instructional support personnel; designated school safety specialists for each public school; provisions related to providing a safe and respectful learning environment; the development of school crisis response plans; a statewide framework for integrated student supports; provisions relating to school police officers; and provisions related to school discipline.

      AB88: Average Daily Enrollment (Passed) 

      Extending the deadline for certain reports relating to the average daily enrollment of pupils; revising quarterly reporting content, the information required to be posted by schools, and the manner in which a district must determine the allocation made to school precincts.

      SB79: Chronic Absenteeism 

      Regarding policies to manage chronic absenteeism; requiring boards of trustees to adopt policies and provide training related to chronic absenteeism; and developing an advisory board to review attendance and evaluate the effectiveness of chronic absentee policies.

      AB67: A+ Schools 

      Revises provisions related to the Achievement School District.


      Revises provisions related to the designation and governance of a turnaround school.


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        2019-2021 Budget Documents

        2019 Final Updates


          • 2020 Statewide Plan for the Improvement of Pupils
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