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    Nevada Department of Education Employee Dr. Silvana Gorton Honored with National Award

    March 28, 2023

    CARSON CITY, Nev. – The Nevada Department ofEducation (NDE) is proud to announce that Dr. Silvana Gorton, the StateDirector for Title II-Part A, has been named as the State Leadership Awardrecipient for the National Association of Federal Education ProgramAdministrators (NAFEPA). 

    In her role at NDE, Dr. Gorton plays a critical role inimproving teacher quality and student achievement by helping schools anddistricts with professional development funding through grants and subgrants. She’sknown for building strong relationships with district and school leadership. Sheprovides guidance, support, and technical assistance to school leaders toensure district and local priorities are aligned with state priorities.

    “Silvana is absolutely deserving of this award. Shebrings a warmth and personal touch to everything she does. She has created truepartnerships with district and school leaders,” says State Superintendent ofPublic Instruction Jhone Ebert. “Everyone knows she goes above and beyondto not only make sure our school leaders have access to the funding they needfor professional development, but also support and caring from a trustedpartner that always keeps educator and student needs in mind.”

    Dr. Gorton has been with the Nevada Department ofEducation for over five years and has implemented innovative strategies tosupport educators in their professional development, ensuring that students inNevada receive high-quality instruction from well-trained teachers. Those whowork with Dr. Gorton say she is a caring and compassionate advocate foreducators and students alike.

    “As a highly valued member of the Department, Dr. Gorton is our state TitleIIA director who works very closely with district and state personnel to ensurethat title IIA funds are used and spent appropriately to support teacher andadministrator professional learning,” said Craig Statucki, Interim DeputySuperintendent of Educator Effectiveness and Family Engagement. “She isvery involved in many statewide projects including the Mindful Social Emotionaland Academic Development (SEAD) initiative. Silvana has worked collaborativelywith the non-profit partner Mindful SEAD to inspire innovative teaching andlearning by supporting mindful practices of the adults at the school.”

    Karen Holley fromNye County School District nominated Dr. Gorton for the award.

    “I thought of Silvana Gorton for the NAFEPA award becauseof her value to all districts in Nevada,” said Karen Holley, Coordinator ofFederal and State Programs. “She is knowledgeable and professional inregard to federal funding. She is always willing to assist districts inunderstanding federal guidelines and making sure that we arein compliance. She is consistent and reliable, always helping us learn andfollowing up to make sure things are working out correctly. She is a solidmember of the NDE team and the federal program administrators across the staterecognize that and are thankful for all she does.”

    Dr. Gorton isproud to have been born to immigrant parents and is the first in her family to attendcollege. Silvana earned an Ed.S. in School Psychology at the University ofNorthern Colorado and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Innovation at the Universityof Colorado.

    NAFEPA is anational organization that represents federal program directors, coordinators,and supervisors who work in education agencies across the United States. TheState Leadership Award is presented to an outstanding educational leader whohas made significant contributions to the administration of federal educationprograms in their state.

    Visit the National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators website to learn more about theprogram.


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