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Office of Inclusive Education

The Nevada Department of Education (NDE), Office of Inclusive Education (OIE) is committed to ensuring that ALL students in Nevada are college- and career- ready upon exit from the public school system. Through our responsibility to provide general supervision over the implementation of federal and state regulations, OIE builds upon collaborative efforts with state and local partners and stakeholders to raise expectation and improve early childhood, educational, and employment outcomes for all students with disabilities, their families, and their communities.

Overview of the Nevada General Supervision System

The Nevada General Supervision System (NVGSS) is the Nevada Department of Education's approach for monitoring, documenting, and enforcing accountability of the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC). The NVGSS ensures continuous improvement, resulting in improved educational and functional outcomes for all students with disabilities ages 3 through 21, and that each Local Education Agency (LEA) responsible for educating students with disabilities meets IDEA and NAC special education program requirements.

What are the components of the NVGSS?

The NVGSS contains eight components, which together comprise an integrated system for general supervision. Links to each of the eight system components are provided below, and each component page contains a variety of information and resources.

                What is the vision for the Nevada General Supervision System?

                The purpose of the NVGSS is to monitor and enforce compliance with federal and state law and to engage in work with partners and stakeholders to improve results for students with disabilities. The NVGSS vision for students with disabilities ages 3 through 21 focuses on:

                • A coherent system for LEAs which seamlessly integrates annual LEA Special Education Determinations with monitoring and support activities designed to assist LEAs in meeting the 17 targets in Nevada's State Performance Plan;
                • A strong focus on results in addition to compliance to provide technical assistance to LEAs; and
                • Coordinating existing agency structures, processes, and protocols to reduce burden and duplication of efforts at the state and local level.

                What are Nevada’s goals for students with disabilities?

                The goal in Nevada is to ensure that ALL students in Nevada are college- and career-ready upon exit from the public school system. For students with disabilities, this includes a future with competitive integrated employment and independent living.

                How will Nevada reach our goals?

                Nevada will reach these goals for students with disabilities through increased academic rigor; use of evidence-based practices; providing sustained professional development for administrators, teachers, and staff; providing technical assistance in data-based decision making; and building meaningful partnerships.

                What is the role of the Nevada Department of Education?

                The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the NVGSS. The NDE provides an administrative structure necessary to implement the eight components of the NVGSS, in addition to working with the Nevada State Legislature and the Nevada State Board of Education

                What is the relationship between compliance and student outcomes?

                Compliance with special education law is a necessary, but not sufficient, component in ensuring improved student outcomes for students with disabilities. In addition to adhering to legal requirements, the NDE and the state’s LEAs also provide training and technical assistance to support students’ participation and progress in general curriculum. These are the keys to improving student outcomes.