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Thank you for your interest in the Nevada Department of Education. To ensure that you get the assistance and information that you need, please read through the following options carefully and select the request that best fits your inquiry. As you review these options, please also make sure that you have reviewed the documents and resources publicly available on our website.

Public Record Requests

Nevada Revised Statute Chapter 239 outlines the Nevada Public Records Act, which requires that official state records be made available to the public upon request and in a timely fashion. Records requests must be for an identifiable record, and the agency is not required to create data or generate new documents to respond to a records request. Requests for information, such as answering a question, do not qualify as a records request. A records request may refer to a document or report that is prepared, used, or maintained by the Department in the course of performing their governmental function.

Data Requests

A data request is for collections of raw information, such as numbers or statistics, not contained or prepared in an existing public or education record. Please consider carefully whether your request may better be described as a public record request or a data request. Please also consider whether this information is also readily available via the Nevada Report Card. The Nevada Report Card includes detailed information, including downloadable data sets, regarding each Nevada school and district, including assessment results, student demographics, teacher qualifications, student safety, parental involvement, and more. Further information is generated via the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF), which develops school ratings and classifies schools within a five-star performance rating system.

Education Record Requests

Please note that the Department does not retain transcripts. Education records refer to records directly related to a student and maintained by the Department. These records contain personally identifiable information and are confidential. This type of request is applicable only in select circumstances.

General Inquiries

If you have a general inquiry that is not a request for information as defined above, please see our Contact Us page for further assistance, or email our information box: