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    Personalized, Competency-Based Learning in Nevada

    About Personalized, Competency-Based Learning in Nevada

    Now is the time to transform our education system to make it work for every learner. To achieve this, Nevada's community is embracing personalized, competency-based learning, a system of instruction by which a student advances to a higher level of learning when they demonstrate mastery of a concept or skill, regardless of the time, place, or pace at which the student progresses. This design empowers each learner to progress toward their individual goals at their own pace. 

    In this personalized, competency-based learning system, each student gets what they need to reach their full potential and master competencies through flexible pathways and personalized learning supports - ensuring each learner graduates ready for what's next. 

    This work in Nevada has focused largely on shifting the mindset from seat time requirements to student mastery, creating flexible learning environments and providing a range of learning experiences and supports that help students demonstrate what they know, and what they know how to do.  

    A personalized approach to education allows learners to make meaningful connections with what they are learning and acquire knowledge and skills in collaborative environments. Most importantly, it allows educators to meet students where they are in their individual learning journeys.  


      In 2017, Assembly Bill 110 created the opportunity for schools in Nevada to participate in a competency-based education network and pilot program. From there the effort has grown to include the Nevada Portrait of Learner Project and the Nevada Future of Learning Network.