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    Chronic Absenteeism


    The Nevada Department of Education believes that: 

    • Attendance is a critical component of educational equity, ensuring all students can access the resources and support needed for educational success.
    • The connection between student attendance and learning is clear: a missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn.


    A student is absent if they are not physically on school grounds and are not participating in instruction or instruction-related activities at an approved off-grounds location for the school day. 

    • Chronically absent students include students who are absent for any reason (e.g., illness, suspension, the need to care for a family member), regardless of whether absences are excused or unexcused.
    • Students who are absent 10% or more of their enrolled school days are considered chronically absent.



        Kevin M. Higley, Ph.D.
        Director, Nevada Department of Education,
        Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

        Anabel Sanchez.
        Education Programs Professional
        Office of Educator Development, Licensure, and Family Engagement (EDLiFE)

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