Nevada Department of EducationNevada Department of Education

    Migrant (Title I-C)


    The Migrant Education Program provides technical assistance and financial support to improve the educational opportunities and academic success of migrant children, youth, agricultural workers, fishers, and their families. The general purpose of the Migrant Education Program (MEP) is to ensure that migrant children benefit from the same free public education provided to other children. The Migrant Education funds are federal funds to support high quality education programs for migratory children age 3 through 21. The funds help ensure that migratory children who move from other states or within the state are not penalized in any manner by disparities among states in curriculum, graduation requirements, or state academic content and student academic achievement standards. Funds also ensure that migratory children receive full and appropriate opportunities to meet the same challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards that all children are expected to meet.


      Sarah Russell, Title III, Migrant Programs Director,, 775.687.9222

      Linda Fields, Title III & Migrant Programs,, 775.687.9257

      Dr. Kulwadee Axtell, Programs Evaluation,, 775.687.9256

      Karl Wilson, ELL Programs Supervisor, Office of Student and School Supports,, 702.668.4311