Teach Nevada Scholarships


The Teach Nevada Scholarship (TNVS) was created in the State General Fund during the 78th Legislative Session (2015) via Senate Bill 511 and is codified in NRS 391A.550 – NRS 391A.590. The scholarship program was continued and slightly modified in the 80th Legislative Session (2019) through appropriations in Senate Bill 555 and Assembly Bill 219. The purpose of TNVS is to provide scholarships to new students pursuing initial teacher licensure programs through state-approved universities, colleges, or alternative routes to licensure (ARL) providers.

    Information for Teacher Preparation Programs

    TNVS funds are administered by the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Awards are granted by the State Board of Education (SBE) to the extent that money is available within the Fund. Appropriations are made by the Legislature each fiscal year. Upon review of applications, the SBE shall establish the number of scholarships based on available funds and make awards to approved teacher preparation programs in Nevada. Applications will be sent to Nevada programs once funding has been established.

      Information for Scholarship Candidates

      Teach Nevada Scholarships are available to candidates who wish to pursue a Nevada teaching career. Eligible candidates include:

      • Recent high school graduates who have not yet enrolled in a teacher preparation program;
      • Students who are currently enrolled in a non-education related college/university degree program and change their academic program to teacher preparation;
      • Students who have completed some credits at a university or college who re-enroll in a teacher preparation program;
      • Students who possess a bachelor’s degree in a non-education related field and choose to pursue an ARL program for teaching;
      • Veterans and spouses of veterans; or
      • Students who have some experience working in a classroom, including, without limitation, as a paraprofessional or substitute teacher.

      All candidates, who are awarded a scholarship, must agree to complete the requirements to obtain an endorsement to teach English as a Second Language or an endorsement to teach Special Education.

      TNVS are worth up to a maximum of $24,000 per scholarship. Students who are awarded scholarships by their teacher preparation program will receive 75% of the scholarship for reimbursement of tuition, books, and fees. 25% of the scholarship is retained by NDE and disbursed to the student after five consecutive years of successful teaching in a Nevada public school as well as meeting all other State Board of Education (SBE) regulations.

      Prospective students who wish to apply for a TVNS must apply for the scholarship through the teacher preparation program they wish to attend. Teacher preparation programs who were awarded scholarships in 2020 include: 

      • Clark County School District
      • Great Basin College
      • National University
      • Nevada State College
      • Nevada Teacher Corp/TNTP
      • Nevada Teachers of Tomorrow
      • Sierra Nevada University
      • University of Nevada, Las Vegas
      • University of Nevada, Reno
      • Washoe County School District
      • Western Governors University


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Q: How do candidates apply for a scholarship?
        A: Candidates apply for scholarships directly through the teacher preparation program they wish to attend.

        Q: How do scholarship recipients apply for the remaining 25% of tuition?
        A: Recipients will apply directly to NDE for these funds.  All statutory laws and SBE regulations must be met to receive the remaining 25% of tuition.

        Q: What are the guidelines and regulations to receive the remaining 25% tuition?
        A: Scholarship recipients must:

        • Complete their teacher preparation program
        • Maintain successful employment at a Nevada public school for five consecutive years. At least three of the five years must be at a Title I, underperforming, or high-vacancy school
        • Meets any other requirements established by SBE
        • Request the remaining 25% tuition through application within one year after meeting the requirements
        Q: When will the application be ready?
        A: The application to apply for the remaining 25% tuition will be available in the fall of 2021 on this page. Processes will be set up by our Business and Finance division during the summer of 2021 so that we are ready to reimburse eligible scholarship recipients starting in the fall of 2021.