Nevada Department of EducationNevada Department of Education

Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS)

The QRIS Vision

Quality early childhood education for all children in Nevada.

The QRIS Mission

Through respectful & strong state partnerships, Nevada's Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) works to equitably improve and sustain the early childhood system through; quality coaching, accurate assessing, financial support, community engagement and advocacy for the early childhood community to benefit families of young children in Nevada."

What is high quality early childhood education?

A high quality early childhood program is an inclusive environment that offers services at the highest possible levels for all children and families. These programs provide a safe environment, while promoting the physical, social emotional and cognitive development of all children. High quality environments celebrate and explore the culture, backgrounds and individuality of their children and families. The indicators of quality include, but are not limited to: policies, procedures and administrative practices that are best practices for the workforce, families and children. This would include ample age-appropriate materials; appropriate group size and ratios for each classroom and use of appropriate assessments to assess children's learning and development. Teaching approaches are individualized for each child and are active, stimulating and engaging. Thoughtful standards about health and safety are considered at the licensing level and beyond. Families and community partners are included as valued partners and are invited into all aspects of care and education.  All the indicators of quality combine together to create an environment that leads to the highest outcomes and lifelong success for the youngest learners in our state. Definition created by the Nevada Early Child Advisory Council, 2019.

Patrice Gardner

Education Programs Supervisor, Head Start State Collaborations Director & Quality Funds

Sara Kharrat

Education Programs Professional, QRIS Administrator

Mary Buchmann

Education & Information Officer, QRIS Northern Nevada and Rurals

Mychelle Weart

Education & Information Officer, QRIS Southern Nevada